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AccGamer must be no stranger to game players from amateur and professional around the world. 3 years of testing and never-ending development, our AccGamer from a group of few professional players has become a large company with 30 employees & 100+ suppliers.

There's a reason more and more customers prefer AccGamer over our competitors. We are literally "leagues above the rest" when it comes to providing ranked accounts. Our motto is “Better Gaming Experience”, we always strives to change to become more complete and friendly with users. Because your happiness and satisfaction are the motivation for us to constantly try.

A common question regarding smurf accounts is why should you own a game smurf account?

There are multiple reasons for this, maybe you want to learn a new champion but still have the pressure of performing well in ranked games without ruining the MMR or win rate on your main account. Every pro player owns a smurf account which they play on when they are not playing at their peak, this is how they keep their mains in very high elo.

Did you know that every pro player owns a smurf account? This is how they maintain their high elo on their main account, because they are only playing on that account when they are playing at their very peak.

Many believe that buying a game account is hard, but really it isn't, it only takes a matter of minutes from ordering until you receive your game account in your email.

All you have to do is simply click on "Buy Now" on one of the accounts you have decided to purchase, pay and then you will have your account in your email, it isn't harder than that!

You are just a few clicks away from starting your ranked game climb on your brand new smurf account.

So you finally decided that its time to buy an account, you are craving after that fresh account to start your next ranked climbs on your new smurf, but where should you buy it?

To start off, when you buy from us you are purchasing from a very reputable source, while our website is new and recently launched, our brand is trusted in the smurfing community and has been around for a very long time.

We also have very cheap prices, we constantly ask ourselves why our competitors are asking for $20+ per smurf when we are all aware that they are not nearly worth that much, therefor when you buy an account from us, you will always get the best prices for all league of legends accounts.



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