How exactly does support Ashe work in Wild Rift?

As one of Wild Rift‘s poster girls for the AD carry role, Ashe is best used as a damage-heavy marksman. But did you know that she can also be played in the support role? 

Support Ashe was briefly explored in League of Legends PC, but didn’t become very popular.

With the recent adjustments to support runes in Wild Rift’s patch 2.3, Support Ashe is something we could actually see thriving in Wild Rift, and perhaps in the upcoming Wild Rift Summer Super Cup. 

Why support Ashe works

All her basic attacks slow enemies, and this means she’s a never-ending source of some crowd control.

She also has one of the longest ranges in the game thanks to her second kill, Volley, and two global skills, Hawkshot and Enchanted Crystal Arrow ultimate. 

Recommended Wild Rift runes for support Ashe

Equipping Font of Life as your main rune gives her the ability to heal allies when they attack enemies that she previously poked. Using her AoE skill Volley, Font of Life is easily activated. 

Remaining recommended runes are Weakness, Loyalty, Manaflow Band. Because Ashe provides an endless source of slows through Frost Shot and Volley, enemies will activate Weakness almost continuously. 

Loyalty gives both Ashe and the AD carry a little more stamina, but you can also slot in Second Wind or Adaptive Carapace for more durability in team fights. 

Manaflow Band is important to this build, as it requires frequent use of Volley.

Wild Rift item build for support Ashe

Wild Rift, Ashe, Support Ashe Build

Start out with Tear of the Goddess to get the mana flowing. Then, you can buy Awakened Soulstealer as your next item to speed up the cooldown of Ashe’s ultimate skill. 

Next is Ardent Censer. This item gives bonuses to attack speed and magic damage to you and your allies. Coupled with the Font of Life rune, this means that every time you use Volley, you’re both healing and providing bonuses. 

By this point, Tear of the Goddess can be upgraded to either Muramana or the Archangel’s Staff. Once Ashe has these three items, she becomes unstoppable.

If you’d like to do some damage, you can go for Mortal Reminder or Black Cleaver. If you’d like to give even more support, equipping Protector’s Vow and Zeke’s Convergence ensures you and your teammates won’t have anything left to worry about. 

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