Rainbow Six Siege’s new update includes a Nakoda Operator and adding tons of fixes

Ubisoft is constantly updating Rainbow Six Siege, and a new Operator is coming to the game along with a slew of quality-of-life changes to the meta. Operation North Star is the next big update, and and the star is Mina “Thunderbird” Sky, an Indigenous Nakoda pilot with powerful healing tech.

Thunderbird carries a trio of deployable healing turrets known as the Kona Station. She’s a flexible, fast Operator who can get around a defense site quickly to drop her Kona Stations. Players who enter a Kona Station’s radius are healed; the Station then goes on cooldown. Her weapon options include a Spear .308 and SPAS-15, as well as a backup Bearing-9 and Q-929.

Ubisoft is also reworking the Favela map, which is similar aesthetically but dramatically changed layout wise. The Operator Melusi is also getting a rework to make her less of a balance headache for players (her Banshee gadget can now be destroyed by a single bullet.) Operation North Star has tons of changes to make the game clearer and more fun, which are explained in detail on Ubisoft’s official site.

Operation North Star is live on Ubisoft’s test servers on May 25; it is slated to launch to all players in mid-June.

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