What's a starter account?

Starter account's an account containing resources/character enough for you to explore the vast world of the game the account state from our collection.

How can I identify a starter account?

For Starter accounts, We mostly post it as a collection so you can pick and choose so you can explore the game right away. Or we'll show you options which you can choose for re-roll purposes. And we'll have their email Unset for easy login. All of which to help you gain access to your account the fastest.

What's your warranty on starter account?

For starter accounts, if you cannot access the account within 24h, you're eligible to get a replacement for free. After 24h or the replacement was granted however, the warranty is voided. And we'll not help you any further from here.

What if I already used the resource but want to refund because I didn't get any character that I wanted? Can I do that?

No, we'll not support you or grant you another account after you've depleted the resources. The warranty's voided the moment you use any of the resource in game. Please be advise before you make a purchase.